Zifera free version

All the perks of Zifera - without a price plan: limited to 1.000-page views per month.

What can the free version do for you?

This version shows you the CO2 emissions of your website*, just like the pro plan. On your dashboard, you see exactly how much CO2 your website emits. And where improvements are possible to reduce your website's emissions. We do the ongoing monitoring of the CO2 emissions caused by your website. The result is that you know exactly how much CO2 every page has generated.

In this case, you want to be able to scan multiple websites. Want to have access to tailor-made tips for your web pages. Or are you looking for automatic compensation for your website's CO2 emissions and want to have automatic ongoing monitoring of all page views -> Check out our paid subscriptions.

Why did we make a free version of our product?

We think we've made a pretty fantastic product. However, we understand that you don't want to commit to a subscription immediately. Or maybe you are committed to making your website more sustainable, but does your organisation not have the funds for a subscription. We are here to make the web more transparent and sustainable; with this free version, we hope to make that goal accessible to every organisation.

*This free version is limited to a fair use policy of 1.000 page views per month.

Questions or special needs?
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