About us

We believe that a company can make the world a better place and that we can do that by helping organisations make their websites climate-friendly. We make online sustainability concrete, make the impact of websites visible and give companies the tools to design websites sustainably.

We believe in the good things the internet can bring us and the climate. But we also believe in a more sustainable internet. Together we are on the road to a CO2-neutral internet that is good for people and the planet. Zifera was founded in 2021 by Elmar Witjes to provide insight into the climate impact of websites and drastically reduce the harmful effects of websites. This is desperately needed; the negative climate impact of websites is often more significant than necessary without us knowing it.

This has resulted in a tool that: • Automatic and continuous analysis and monitoring of the energy consumption of websites. • Provides insight into how a website can be built more energy-efficiently • Provides choice for automatic certified CO2 compensation of the website’s emission

We use ‘tech for good’.

Meet the team

Elmar Witjes – founder + owner

Lieve Kramer – marketing & sales

Think Tank

Anne-Marie Pronk / Klimaatzuster – external advisor

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