How to make your website carbon-neutral and compensate for emissions


You already did a lot of work to get here, and we are very proud of you. At the very least, you understand and recognize that every website has a carbon footprint.

Now it’s up to you to act on it. But what’s there to act upon if you don’t know how to make your website more sustainable? That’s where Zifera steps in.

How green is your website?

Zifera helps websites become more sustainable by lowering the carbon emission. We offer something no other service has. Our tools constantly help you to monitor how green your website is, and give you real-time tips on how to lower the carbon footprint. 

For example, tweaking the format and image file type of one of your products to reduce the Co2 emissions.

What makes Zifera unique and stand out?

Our team has been building websites for decades. We know websites inside out. Besides building, we have always been keen on lowering our carbon footprint. 

But how to combine our love for websites with the love for our planet? By making our service easy and based in reality. Being green doesn’t have to be hard, and can be against fair value.

On a yearly basis, our service saves you 50% compared to similar services. That is because our price follows the market and doesn’t depend on compensation. 

And you don’t have to be tech-savvy to let us help you. Our dashboard will be integrated with Google Analytics.

Four easy steps

We provide a unique and easy four-step service:

  1. Analyze your website, and combine this with traffic flows to report on every page.
  2. Give you all the tips and tools to lower your carbon footprint, based on our analysis.
  3. Compensate the remaining emissions.
  4. Display badge of honor on your website.

We believe our four-step service gives us all the data to provide you with the necessary tools to lower the carbon footprint of your website. 

These tools don’t necessarily suggest that you move your website to another hosting server, but starts with the low-hanging fruits, such as improving on the visualization of your products.

Real-time info 

It doesn't matter if your website has 100 or 10,000 pages, they all matter equally. 

The first two steps culminate in an easy-to-understand dashboard. This dashboard gives you our full analysis, and we built it with you on our mind: an entrepreneur and builder of websites.

We dissect every page and update the dashboard daily with our newest findings. By combining this with our analysis of online traffic, we can identify the best and easiest solution to becoming more carbon-neutral. 

It’s up to you which of our suggested improvements you want to work on first. 

Zifera dashboard

Compensate emission

Our monthly plan includes the offset of the carbon footprint of your website. Simply put: Zifera monitors the data traffic from and to your website and compensates the CO2 emissions of the energy used.

Fair Climate Fund helps us invest in sustainability projects. For example, the carbon footprint of your website will be compensated by sustainable household energy projects for clean cookstoves and biogas.

With our compensation model you don’t have to wait until a tree is fully grown, we compensate immediately. Read more about how we compensate.

Lead by example

Lastly, we want the world to know that your website is green. After starting our program, we will give you a digital Zifera badge for your website. Stand out from the crowd.

Show your customers you care, and encourage other companies to follow your lead. 

Zifera drives growth by helping your company get more sustainable, get seen, get trusted, and get better.

We offer all you need to analyze, optimize and compensate your website's emissions and make sure your visitors will happily come back, with a green conscience.

Interested in carbon conscious development?
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