Zifera 2.0 is live!

We have launched a major update for Zifera!

You can measure multiple websites in the same subscription; now, the amount of monthly page visits is leading.

And you can now choose whether you want to compensate for the CO2 emissions of your website directly through our partner Fair Climate Fund. Or you don't want to. For example, maybe your organisation already has a CO2 compensation plan. Or it could be that your organisation is CO2 negative.

And we now also have a fully functional free version. You can also use Zifera for free for up to 1,000 page visits per month. Why are we doing this? Our goal is to make the internet more sustainable and transparent. We think Zifera will become more accessible for (small) organisations with a free version; thus, our impact will be more significant. 

And you can now choose if you want to directly offset the CO2 emissions of your website via our partner Fair Climate Fund. For example, maybe you don't need our offsetting program because your organisation is CO2 negative, or you already have a CO2 compensation plan for all your business processes. Our new version can tailor your website's sustainability to your needs.

And more positive news. The calculations and data that we use to calculate your website's emissions are updated, and the efficiency of the internet has increased. You could translate this to an increase in the number of kilometres a car drives per unit of energy. But we can't sit back; our internet use is rising on the same page. So we must keep working on making our websites as clean and energy-efficient as possible. Our product can only exist because we rest on the shoulders of the previous work of others. Learn more about how our product was able to originate on: Sustainablewebdesign.org.

Try our free version or contact us for a demo!

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